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The particular location of Tintobrace between Cilento and Lucania (two historic, ethnic areas of the deep South where natural tastes have always been dominant in home style cooking) makes its dishes an extraordinary fusion of the gastronomical traditions of these two parts, which, though geographically near, present each its own distinct particularity.

Summing up our philosophy: we assure our products to be local, of the season, and qualitatively selected, and then prepared and served in accordance with contemporary, innovative methods.

The art of combining the complexity of the traditional cookery with the simplicity, directness and sense of balance in taste à la avant-garde, gives our Tintobrace dishes a special touch that transforms simple tasting into an EXPERIENCE.

Let yourself be carried away with delight by the aroma of a tipical mediterranean fish (dentice or dentex) fresh from the grill, let its savour gratify your palate while sipping along a selected red wine...

For dessert you may immerge your dessert spoon, as well as your senses into a candid mousse made of ricotta (italian fresh cheese, soft, light, and airy) and discover on its inside a soft heart of chocolate.

That's just an idea of what awaits you!




  • caciocavallo alla piastra con san marzano gratinati
  • crostone con friarielli
  • spaghetti con pachino, friarielli e cacio ricotta
  • ricottina alle noci caramellate e miele agli agrumi
  • scarola saltata, olive taggiasche e peperoncino
  • fusilli con zucchine alla julienne in cialda di parmigiano d.o.p.
  • barchetta di melanzane farcita di gnocchetti saltati con filetto
    di pomodoro e scamorza affumicata
  • grigliata mista di pesce
  • carpaccio di polpo con crostini al limone
  • filetto di manzo al pepe verde e zucchine con duchessa di patate
  • linguine con colatura di alici
  • trittico di ravioli, tortellacci e stelline con olio extravergine d’oliva
    aromatizzato ai gamberi